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Maximize Your Personal Brand’s Potential

We turn entrepreneurs into credible thought leaders through personal branding

About Us

We exist to bring out the best in you. To help you build the reputation you deserve.

Find out about Kurogo

We exist to bring out the best in you. To help you build the reputation you deserve.


You can call us your stagehands.

Derived from the Japanese "Kuroko", which literally means "black-clad", the word refers to the stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, dressed entirely in black so as not to be seen by the audience.

This perfectly sums up what we want to be for our clients - working tirelessly in the background so that you can shine, without us being noticed, without us taking the credit.

It's not about us. It's about you.

How We Help

It started with one vision: to help the most exciting CEOs and founders to build powerful personal brands and create the reputation they deserve.

After working with over 150 clients, we've learned a thing or two about personal branding. Actually, we've cracked the personal brand code and now use it to help people like you.

First we help our clients gain clarity on their brand and position them as industry-leading figures.

Next we create a credible online presence for them by blowing up their social presence and landing them high-profile media features.

Then we help them convert their new-found reputation into meaningful opportunities and ROI.

And we're adamant about one thing: Your reputation is your most powerful asset.

Is it time you leveraged it to its full potential?

Kurogo studio team

Meet The Team

Sam Winsbury

Founder & CEO
100+ personal brands built by 23. The result? Feeling 43. Aiming for 1,000 by 25.

Lewis Baxter

Jack of all trades... Claim to fame? x2 TEDx speaker, lover of coffee and tortoise owner.

Jake Summerhayes

Head of Client Services
3+ years in reputation management and marketing. 25+ years creating spreadsheets for everything.

Satwik Shivoham

Head of Client Strategy
Award-winning MSc graduate from Imperial College London. Strategic thinker and meme lover.

Hadeel Jarad

Marketing Manager
3+ years as a 'generalist marketer', the forgotten category. I spend most of my life explaining what I do to my friends in Paid Media and deciding what restaurant to try next.

Alessia Doyle

Account Manager
MSc graduate with experience in strategic planning. Live music obsessed. Will greet your dog before you.

Carina Farrell

Account Manager
2+ years in client management. Spent half her life studying German and is still not Foreign Secretary...

Ghalib Hassam

Account Manager
Changed careers after an MSc to pursue his marketing dream. Says "good morning" on every team call.

Megan Bishop

Account Manager
2+ years in social strategy and client management. Super organised... except when it comes to her personal life.

Bruce Martinus

Content Writer
4+ years building brands online. One of the few Man City fans from before 2008.

Joe Rudd

Content Writer
5+ years in content and marketing. Probably thinking about his next coffee.

Irene Chu

Content Writer
Ghostwriter since 2021. Likely exercising, reading about health and wellness, or fantasy romance novels, when I'm not writing your content.

Varun Khadri

Content Writer
23 y/o obsessed with telling stories and been doing it for a decade. In a toxic relationship with Manchester United.

Ellie Nash

Social Community Executive
4+ years working in social media, but her parents think all she does is post on Facebook for a living.

Ilaria Gatto

Social Community Executive
2+ years working in Social Media. Loves travelling. Will take pictures of anything and everything.

Emily Derrick

Social Community Executive
6+ years in marketing and content creation across multiple industries. Like her dog, she’s mainly food-motivated.

Liesha Mapiye

Social Community Executive
2 years in social media, with a passion for personal development. Five hobbies currently on rotation.

Taha Ismail

Video Content Producer
Award-winning filmmaker. Loves discovering new music and getting 8 hours of sleep.

Jack Ide

Junior Video Editor
Lover of short-form content. Huge Man Utd fan (this is our season, I promise)

Monshur Ali

Monshur has built a million pound agency in under 3 years working with numerous global brands.

Oliver Duffy-Lee

Delivered marketing campaigns for brands like Volvo, Porsche and Unilever. We call him "grandad"

Ready to become your industry's go-to thought leader?

Kurogo is the go-to agency for turning your personal brand into a business-growth machine.

Olly grew 397,000% in his first year with us


Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Joe became a LinkedIn Top Voice and won global clients


Agency CEO