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9 Top Personal Branding Stats You Need To Know

Sam Winsbury
18th March 2023
3 min read
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Personal Branding Stats

An effective personal branding strategy will open up a world of opportunity for you in your career and business. Still not convinced? Here are 9 personal branding stats that prove it!

(Even we were amazed at some of these)

1. People are willing to pay up to 13.57x more for those they consider to be elite experts, compared to the average person. (Hinge Marketing)

Hinge Marketing ran a study that categorised industry professionals into 5 categories. They found people would be willing to pay nearly 14x more to work with those in the 5th category - classes as ‘Elite Experts’ - than your average industry professional.

So if you want to raise your prices and have people actually pay them, consider building your personal brand!

2. Executives worldwide attribute up to 43% of company market value to their CEO's reputation. (Weber-Shandwick)

Weber-Shandwick interviewed over 1,700 executives from 19 markets around the world and found that on average, they attributed 43% of company market value to their CEO's reputation.

This was higher in some areas like Malaysia (59%) and Brazil (55%). The US came in at 38% and and the UK at 25%.

What this means is that having a positive reputation as a CEO could help you command more for your business when you want to exit.

3. Brand messages get 561% more reach when shared through employee's personal accounts than through the company brand account.

When the same message is shared through employee’s social accounts they get more reach than through the company account. If you want to grow brand awareness, encourage your team to build their personal brands and share content!

(We’ve generate millions of views for Kurogo every month doing this)

4. Brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently when posted by an employee versus the brand's social media channels.

Again, content shared through employee’s channels perform better. Quite simply, people are more inclined to engage with other people than brands on social media.

Imagine if you put the same amount of effort into your personal brand as you did your company brand!

5. Content shared by employees receives 8 times more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

It’s not just reach! If you want to engage your audience better you should consider sharing content through your personal brand channels as well as your company brand.

Most businesses are missing a trick here.

6.Leads obtained through employees’ social media convert 7x more frequently than other leads. (Dreambox)

People not only want to engage with other people, but they want to buy from them too. When leads are generated through personal brand content they convert 7x more frequently, suggesting that personal connection and trust is key in the buying decision.

Imagine what your business would look like if you converted 7x more leads than you have done previously! If you want to boost your conversion rate, focus on creating a powerful personal brand.

7. 77% of consumers are more likely to buy when the CEO of the business uses social media.

When you’re visible on social media as a CEO you build trust with your audience. The modern consumer (B2B and B2C) wants to buy from value-driven businesses run by real humans. Simply being visible on social is enough to help this.

8. Employees have 10x more followers than their company’s social media accounts. (Markivis)

People prefer to follow people. So if you’re looking to grow your brand or share important messages, you’ll have a much larger audience if you share those messages through employee social accounts.

9. B2B customers are 2x more likely to choose a brand that conveys personal over business value. (Protocol 80)

Even in B2B, customers want value-driven businesses and personal connections. If you’re competing with another a business, you’re more likely to be the go-to if you’re actively building your personal brand.

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