From Kuroko (Japanese: 黒⾐), lit. "black-clad")

Derived from the Japanese 'Kuroko', literally meaning 'black clad'. Referring to stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre, dressed in all black costumes so as not to be seen by the audience.

This sums up what we want to be to our partners perfectly - working tirelessly in the background to allow you to shine, without being noticed, without taking credit.

You are the main act.

We are the stagehands, the scriptwriters, the producers, the lighting team, the event organisers, the runners. We are your Kurogo. It's not about us.

It's about you

I started Kurogo - formerly Brandly - with a vision of working with the world's most exciting CEOs and founders to build powerful personal brands.

Having worked with over 50 clients (with a 100% growth success rate), we've learnt a thing or two about personal branding. In fact, we've cracked the recipe that all of the world's most successful personal brands use. And we want to share it with you.

Everything we do is tailored towards creating a more accurate and effective representation of your expertise and experience.

Your reputation matters. Time to take control.


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Personal Brand Manager